Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brown v Warren

Boy, did the Republicans show Elizabeth Warren! They denied her the leadership of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington—the bureau she conceived of and created—only to see her starting to run away with their Senate seat in Massachusetts. A UMass Lowell-Boston Herald poll shows her leading Republican Senator Scott Brown by a 7 percent margin, 49 to 42. According to MSNBC show host Lawrence O’Donnell, who knows politics from the inside, “That is an absolutely devastating poll for any incumbent senator. Any sitting senator running for reelection goes into full panic mode as soon as his or her polling number drops below 50 percent. The rule in politics is: an incumbent polling at 42 percent absolutely cannot win reelection…” Did they give it to her!

It’s so beautiful it positively shines. Let’s follow the bouncing balls. Scott Brown bared himself—again—this time by defying his party’s marching orders and endorsing President Obama's nominee to lead the GOP-dreaded bureau, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray—who was aggressively going after his state’s banks for foreclosure fraud when he was ousted by a Republican challenger—who was subsequently hired for the consumer protection bureau by Elizabeth Warren, the GOP’s bete noire who’s beating the tail off Brown and on the verge of taking Ted Kennedy’s coveted seat back from the Republicans. Now, Senator Brown, that’s what I call being hoisted on your own petard!

And why would Scott Brown do such a reckless thing? Because it wasn’t reckless, it was cynical. Both he and the GOP knew the party had the votes for a filibuster: they could easily deprive Cordray of the up-and-down vote they routinely rail about being deprived of. It’s conceivable, if not likely, that Brown’s GOP guidance counselor(s) advised him to “defy” the party to impress his constituency. See how well that’s working!

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Elizabeth Warren hasn’t won yet, not by a long shot! Be warned, Warreniks, the Republicans have her number. You’ve got to hand it to them! They’ve already exposed the college professor who’s never run for public office for being “a Harvard elitist and an
outsider,” and what’s more, they’re “stressing that she was born and raised in Oklahoma.”

Where do I start? “Harvard Elitist?” Where’s the problem here? Is it with Harvard, or with being educated or skilled, or, truth be told, with simply not being ignorant? And if ignorance is so glorious, as it seems to have become—particularly to roughly 50% of American voters in presidential election years—aren’t the ignorant the Ignorant Elitists?

“Outsider?” With every Republican presidential candidate turning him or her self inside out to be seen as
The Washington Outsider, while in actuality none of them qualify for being anything but insiders—an incumbent congressman and congresswoman, a former congressman who was the 58th Speaker of the House of Representatives, a former senator, a former governor and a present one, and a former ambassador—how can any Republican legitimately brand and denounce Elizabeth Warren for being “an outsider”? Haven’t they heard of the advice for people who live in glass houses? Surely it ought to be part of the platform of the Ignorant Elitists.

Finally… this is not for the faint of heart… let’s not mix words, I’ll just come right out and say it… the audacious Ms. Warren is so outside she was “born and raised in Oklahoma.” “Okla-Okla-Okla-Oklahoma!” “Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain,” or at least probably did when Warren was born and raised there. Can you get more outside than that? Take note, Massachusetts independents, undecideds and, lest we forget—Republicans. Do they ever have her nailed!


  1. "Ignorant Elitists." I like that! Waiting for their platform!!

  2. Go Warren--not only do I hope that she wins, I hope she becomes President in 2016.
    I would love to see my friend and softball buddy, Sherrod Brown(D. Sen. Ohio), run on the same ticket as Elizabeth Warren.

    Warren-Brown for 2016.

    Happy Holidays,


  3. (Sorry for the late reply.)

    Haha! I like Anonymous' response.

    It was nice to see such enthusiasm for Ms. Warren's rise in the polls. She actually makes me wonder if it could be possible for a Democrat to carry Oklahoma at least once in my lifetime.

  4. Elizbeth Warren, darling of the limousine liberal, Algonquin elitist set, can have the murderer Ted Kennedy's former seat. It will likely be the only seat the socialists gain in the next election as reason sweeps the country and returns the Senate to the adult party. Oh don't get your knickers all knotted up kids. The candidtae of radical racial guilt almost succeeded in destroying the country you all love to hate, and while Warren is his likely successor to treat your lesbian/gay guilt she is unlikely to get farther than the the Senate, as level headed Americans, who do not defecate on police cars, will never again support a sneak attack from within like we've had with the Obamanation in the White House. By the way Ray, Lawrence O'Donnell is as much a political "insider" as Laurence of Arabia was an Arab. His Show,The Last Word as Real Smear Politics is neither informing or intellectual. The "pundits" at MSLSD are no more than upper west side limousine liberals riding in the back seat crying crocodile tears for the masses they pretend to care for. Media types are hysterical drama queens just like their Hollywood and Broadway brethren. So why is what they have to say any more intelligent or important than the average schlep? Because they went to Haarvaard? Pulllleeease!