Monday, June 15, 2009


Louts who murder educated people (like doctors). Curs who target innocent ethnics (like museum guards). Charlatans who beguile mindless oafs, whipping their short-changed psyches into lunatic lathers. Pols who spin lies into Vaseline to ease their entry into the orifice of least resistance.


A former vice-president concocting a ponzi scheme of deceitful misstatements, transferring lies from the sinister side of his two faces with forked tongue to distribute inflated lies to compliant patsies.

Spin. ‘Til they’re twisted.

The popular “Three Biggest Lies” we swapped for amusement years ago—“The check is in the mail” was big—are archaically amusing half-truths that pale in light of today’s whoppers, diabolically false syllogisms:

“This government does not torture people.”
Waterboarding is not torture.
Ergo, “This government does not torture people.”

In the aftermath of 9/11: madness, generated coolly by an administration playing on the fears and foibles of “the people” that “government… by the people” was supposed to be “for.” People frightened to the brainsick point of frenzy, made so paranoid about attack from the outside they attack fellow citizens from within.

Spun ‘til they’re twisted.

People who damn others, who take lives in the name of saving lives, who do their damndest in the name of God—all God’s creatures? If all men and women are created in God's image, who are they who profane the name of their God in the name of their God?

Is a cold-blooded scheme to bomb a clinic any less barbaric than strapping explosives to one’s body and bombing a market place or a public bus? As fringe loonies lose their sanity, do houses of worship lose their sanctity?

They have aborted individual rights and God-given rights, civil rights and the Constitution.

And the real twist is: when destiny has its say, they’ll spin in their graves.


  1. Ray I love your blog. Intellegencia is back with a bang, a twist and a sense of humor.

  2. I like the angry you Ray! It bubbles with the mindspeak of the everyman. I love the vaseline reference; I am going to plagirize it as my description of Barney Frank from now forward!On the three biggest lies I would add Hope and change. " The change we are giving you is the creation of a deficit larger than the total deficits of the last eight years. Ergo the hope we give you is that we will somehow find the money to pay it off".

    The religious zealots of ALL ilks, Jews, Christians, Moslems, ad nauseum, all kill in the name of God. The best words I have veer heard on what rights we have were uttered by the late George Carlin. Give it a listen at

    God Bless you. Quick! Sneeze before you become a zealot!!

  3. "A former vice-president concocting a ponzi scheme of deceitful misstatements, transferring lies from the sinister side of his two faces with forked tongue to distribute inflated lies to compliant patsies."

    Although I know to whom you were referring, this could easily his could easily apply to Al Gore and his Man-Bear-Pig ( stance on the environment...

    As for waterboarding... I really don't care if it is torture... members of Al Qaeda are not members of an armed forces of a foreign government... are not covered under the Geneva Convention... and if it helps to save American lives they can make them think their drowning all they want... They could even put underwear on their heads and have them hold wires that aren't connected to anything... they could put a caterpillar on their arm. Torture like this to terrorists is not exactly going to give me sleepless nights.

    Although we often disagree on politics Ray, I always enjoy reading your blog!

  4. My dear Ray,

    I would be an atheist were it not that hope can endure amidst such twisted, twisted times as these. I do not speak of hope for family, friend, self, or idea, but hope in any form.

    Cruelty will continue to dance with life in the bellicose ballet you expertly illustrated, but the last point you made rings truest to me: there is a twist at the end.

    Just as the twisted will spin in their graves, it is the hopeful who inherit the future. This rises from the fact that the hopeless are not necessarily cruel, but that the cruel are always hopeless.

  5. Ray:

    I'd comment, but I don't want to ruin the moment. I prefer to be speechless, and just let this post sink in.

    Wonderful, twisted work!