Friday, July 10, 2009

Recalling Michael Jackson

Continuing Moshe Alon’s recollections of Michael Jackson [please see the previous entry if you haven’t]:

Moshe never heard Michael Jackson raise his voice or give a command. “He was very shy,” he says, confirming widely held perceptions. At an event where Moshe wore a black tux, he heard Michael whispering softly from behind him. When he realized the words were for him, he heard Michael trying to tell him, “There’s something on your shoulder.” Had he been facing Moshe, he probably would have been silent rather than helpful.

Shy as he was offstage, when Michael Jackson was anywhere near a stage, according to Moshe, “He controlled everything. He was a showman,” says Moshe unstintingly, as if in admiration of an amalgam of P.T. Barnum and Al Jolson. During performances of super-stellar clients, Moshe is on the front line protecting them from fans who rush the stage. But Jackson selectively discouraged him from stopping them. “He let fans run onto the stage. He knew what they wanted.”

He was shy, he was savvy. He was in control or out of control.

“Other than his music and concerts, kids meant the most to him. He would take them to record stores, clothing stores, where they’d buy them up… anything they wanted.” On Jackson’s credit cards.

The kids Moshe had in mind traveled with them to Taiwan and Israel. “Kids ran around with bodyguards like kings and queens.” Moshe is critical of the parents who sent their kids unaccompanied—but for Jackson and his bodyguards—for three months. “Kids didn’t recognize their parents after that.”

As for the man whose care they were under, “He was like a child. He loved games”—so much, he had pinball games around the stage. Moshe recalled when Jackson was in group therapy. “His job was to vacuum-clean, but he didn’t know how to use a vacuum! My men had to teach him how. He went around vacuuming… vacuuming everything. He had such a good time.”

“He was not comfortable around adults. He was comfortable around Elizabeth Taylor. She understood… she was a child star too.” And the kids around him, I asked? Moshe’s answer was unequivocal. “I don’t believe he did anything wrong.”

“He trusted people.” And according to Moshe, they all took advantage of him. Not only the kids, but older people who were supposed to be friends. Not only them, but “managers and agents… anyone… everyone ripped him off.”

Moshe rented a helicopter for him for $10,000. Jackson’s representatives said, “No, Moshe, it’s $100,000.” Moshe corrected them, but they repeated the price was $100,000. Moshe told them he wouldn’t go along with them, he didn’t do things that way. They said his cut would be $20- or $30,000. When Moshe said no to them again, they said it doesn’t matter what you say, his cost is still going to be $100,000.
He said it was the same with Jackson’s doctor bills. Inflated. The same with his credit cards—they’d load charges for their own purchases on them. Those so-called friends of Jackson’s would get pills in their names to supply him with. Getting pain killers for him in places like Mexico was much easier, he added. I asked what they gained from it. “Power. And loads of money.”

Moshe says he has nothing against stars. But the people around them—“they make you sick.”

Moshe’s credibility? Elizabeth Taylor told him, “I’m never gonna ask you how I look because you tell me the truth.”


  1. I don't know what to think about this whole thing (about the man himself - the Peter Pan). Your blog has given me another side - good perspective. One thing that is for sure - MJ was a musical genius and incredible dancer. He was a revolutionary artist - and he was a cute kid. (His father ---- very sad -----)

  2. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer, but as far as I'm concerned he was a pedophile and deserves no mourning. If you pay someone that accuses you of sexual molestation millions of dollars you are admitting your guilt. I agree with my wife who said upon hearing of his death, "He died for me a long time ago."

    1. He was not a pedophile he wasn't even that much interested in sex
      with anyone,for that matter. He was practically asexual, except for Lisa Marie.

      But do you believe that someone who regularly read Playboy and Hustler
      and Penthouse and watched only hetero porn and had tons of
      pictures of naked women on his hard drives was really interested
      in little penises?Hello?
      He liked females not males and that is pretty clear not just from
      what was shown during the trial but from the testimonies of the people
      who knew him over the years.
      MJ never checked out and commented on boys or men, only on
      hot girls. He called it fishing.
      Here's an example of that:

      Settling a civil lawsuit is not the same as admitting guilt
      especially not for MJ who settled countless lawsuits in his life
      for the simple reason that he was sued more than 1000 times!
      You cannot spent your entire life in court for god's sake.
      20 million for him was not like 20 million for you. He was a billionaire.
      And he spent even more on settlements after 2005 because people knew
      he would never step in a courtroom again so they sued him left and right
      knowing that they can get his money easily. It's the story of his life and you don't have clue
      what it's like to live like that so don't tell me that you would have never settled
      that case, never ever. Bullshit.

    2. As for the 1993 case you don't know the details.
      He didn't admit any guilt and that was actually clear from
      the text of the settlement. Noone who is a real victim would
      sign something like that where the alleged abuser rejects any
      responsibility whatsoever and denies any wrongdoing. But that's
      exactly what the Chandler did! Because they were not real victims.
      Coward Jordan was free to testify in the criminal case and he didn't.
      Not in 1994 not in 2005. Why? Because he was not a real victim, that's why.
      Real victims go to a criminal court like the Sandusky victims did. They don't just
      take money and run.

      He settled the civil case, like many people do including innocent ones
      - just think about the JC Penny case with the Arvizos or Bill O'Reiley's settlement -
      but you CANNOT settle a criminal case!

      You forget that he was subjected to 13 month of criminal probe
      which continued long after the civil settlement ! It wasn't closed until
      Sept 1994 while the settlement was signed in Jan 1994.
      And they found absolutely nothing no proof whatsoever
      that he ever harmed anyone!
      Two grand juries refused to indict him in Feb and March 1994
      even though Chandler would not tell prosecutior that he would not
      testify until July 1994!

      He settled the civil case for a number of reasons.
      With the media assaulting him almost every day and convicting him even before
      any trial he just had enough. He knew the Chandler only wanted money once they
      get it they would leave him alone. And after months of torture basically that's all he wanted
      and didn't think much about yours or anyone's opinion.
      Liz Taylor and Liza Marie both advised him to settle seeing his mental condition going down the
      toilet they said public opinion is less important than a good night sleep.
      His business advisors also told him to settle because with a lengthly civil
      trial he could not do anything to make money he would actually lose much
      more than 20 million! By Jan 1994 he had actually lost millions due to the cancellation of his tour.
      The media was certainly not on his side even if he had gone through
      a civil trial and found not liable the public still would have believed
      he was guilty just like they did after his acquittal in 2005!
      So it's hypocritical for you to say that he should have done the trial
      and that would have shown he was innocent!

    3. But most of all this is why he had to settle:

      Numerous things happened in the Jackson affair between August 1993 and the end
      of January 1994, when the settlement was announced. But all the detailed events can be traced
      to a single cause and point towards a result that was vitually pre-determined.
      Once Jackson's legal problems ran on two tracks, criminal as well as civil, the was in an
      untenable position. It was almost inevitable he wuld hate to settle the civil case.

      The reason is technical. When the civil suit against Jackson came to trial, or shortly before, Jackson
      would have to testify on oath. But any testimony in the civil case would put him in a serious
      keopardy, as it could be used against him in any subsequent criminal trial. (The jeopardy would still
      apply if Jackson exercised his constituational right to refuse to testify.)
      No competent lawyer would allow his client to do such a thing. Either Jackson had to get the civil case
      postponed, which was unlikely, or he would have to settle the civil case to avoid testifying.
      As a result, the winter turned into a struggle over time, with Feldman trying to force Jackson
      into court and Jackson's lawyers doing everything possible to delay.
      Jackson and his lawyers were in a classic no win situation. The criminal investigation
      was dragging on with no end in sight. There was little or no chance of the judge
      in the civil case putting off the civil trial for much longer. No one likes to admit defeat
      especially if, as Jackson has always maintained, he is an innocent man.

      So tell me what you would have done? Take the fifth in the civil case?
      Expose your defense strategy?

      Furthermore, if MJ had been guilty he would have paid
      Evan Chandler right after he demanded 20 million from him
      on Aug 4 1993! He wouldn't have let the whole thing go public.

      Form Ray Chandler's book:

      “Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August,
      rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as
      the world’s most famous entertainer, i
      nstead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”[1; page 128]

      In other words: give us 20 million and we don't accuse you.
      If you don't give us 20 million we will ruin you.
      Classic extortion.

    4. So if your theory is true how is that MJ didn't put an end to the whole thing
      and given them the 20 million right then and there?
      Because he was not guilty and he thought justice would prevail and he knew they had no evidence whatsoever.
      He decided to figtht them and file extortion charges! He didn't give up until the above mentioned
      situation became clear: he had no choice if he wanted to
      keep his defense strategy for any possible criminal trial he had to
      take the civil trial out of the picture, period.

      Finally, now after the autopsy we have irrefutable evidence
      that Jordan Chandler lied.
      He told police that MJ was circumcised when in fact he was NOT.
      And with that his entire ugly molestation story goes out of
      the window because he also claimed he mastrubated MJ 10 times whic
      makes it impossible to miss the foresking! Case closed. MJ
      was innocent.

      If there had been a match between the photos and the Chandler's description
      MJ would have been arrested after that strip search on probable cause, but he was not.
      It was reported by Reauters in Jan 1994:

      "An unidentified source told Reuters news service Thursday that photos
      of Michael Jackson's genitalia do not match descriptions given by the
      boy who accused the singer of sexual misconduct. If so, this could
      weaken any possible criminal actions against the singer. "

      What else do you need to see that that case was about money
      and Evan Chandler's greed and jeolousy?
      Jordan didn't even accuse MJ of anything until his father drugged him in his dental office!
      And just how did Evan Chandler's fantasies about kissing and fondling and blow job end up in
      Jordan Chandler's story? Evan Chandler saw nothing he didn't have tape recording of any molestation.
      He was lying to his son that he knew about the kissing and fondling and blow job. Those
      sexula acts were the product of his own imagination! And after the dental office "confession"
      they miracoulsly end up in Jordan's declaration. The exact same acts! Gimme a break.

    5. MJ had contact with thousands of kids all over the world!
      Isn't interesting that noone complained except a few in one country who wanted his millions?
      Please show me a real pedophile with that kind of track record!

      What about all the kids who knew him and spent time with him in Neverland and elsewhere
      and never said a bad word about him? Why don't you believe them instead of Jordan Chandler
      whose father wanted 20 million from MJ, who drugged his son, who hired the nastiest SOB in town
      to represent him and who had a "plan" to get what he wants and ruin everyone in sight?

      Why don't you believe Mac Culkin, Brett Barnes, Sean Lennon, Mark Ronson, Dave Dave,
      Billy Ramirez, Anton glanzelius, Corey Feldman,

      Also, you really think that a pedophile could spend hundreds of days and nights
      with two kids and do nothing? But that's exactly what happened
      with Frank and Eddie Cascio who grew up with MJ.
      This is what Frank said about this whole issue, and remember
      he was a kid who knew MJ the best:

      “Michael has never ever once ever invited a child to stay in his room, sleep in his bed. Michael’s never invited a child to stay in his room. You know, it’s different. You want to stay with him. You wanted. It’s like hanging with your buddy. It’s like having a slumber party. And Michael was a child at heart. There was nothing sexual about Michael. He had no attraction to young children. It’s just disgusting. I’m so hurtful [sic] by those misconceptions, that in particular. Michael loves children for their innocence and their purity and that was his inspiration. It just hurts me because Michael is not a pedophile and has been falsely accused and that’s hurt him.”

      Exuse me if I take his word over yours who never ever met him
      let alone see his relationship with kids.

  3. I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing either. God only knows what tortured his soul so much that he had to so totally disfigure himself and destroy his talents through addiction. Perhaps the guilt and shame of his pedophilia ( undeniable since he himself said it was ok to sleep with a child), perhaps the pain of a childhood with a brutal father. Whatever the answers, they died with him, and all we have left is the music and dancing of one of the greatest entertainers of our lifetime. Sadly, Sammy Davis Junior was never mentioned. He too was a child star ( dancing with the Will Masters Trio, his Dad's group) and mualti-talented. Perhaps he was the first African-American superstar. Perhaps he made it possible for MJ. Too many of our greatest talents have died this way (Elvis, Janis, Jimi). So much talent. So much pain.

    1. undeniable ?

      so that means that everyone who ever slept in MJ's room or bed had a sexual contact with him?

      including the girls?? Quinn Culkin, Chantal Robson, Alison V Smith?

      Sleeping is not the same as having sex!
      If you don't understand that the problem is in your department not MJ's.

      If you want to molest someone you don't need a bed for that!

    2. take it from the kids who were actually there!
      unlike you they knew what he was and wasn't doing.
      Frank Cascio grew up with him spent hundreds of days and nights with him. This is what he said:

      “Michael has never ever once ever invited a child to stay in his room, sleep in his bed. Michael’s never invited a child to stay in his room. You know, it’s different. You want to stay with him. You wanted. It’s like hanging with your buddy. It’s like having a slumber party. And Michael was a child at heart. There was nothing sexual about Michael. He had no attraction to young children. It’s just disgusting. I’m so hurtful [sic] by those misconceptions, that in particular. Michael loves children for their innocence and their purity and that was his inspiration. It just hurts me because Michael is not a pedophile and has been falsely accused and that’s hurt him.”

      Excuse me if I take his words over yours and the words of a few grifters who were proven liars and only wanted his money.

    3. You project your own sexual fantasies onto MJ's life, you hear the words "sleeping with"
      or "bed" and you can't help but thin about sex.

      But that doesn't mean everyone is like that.
      I am asexual myself and could sleep in the same bed with anyone without having any inclination to touch him or her!

      That you automatically assume MJ letting kids - both boys and girls by the way - to sleep in his room or bed, while mostly he wasn't even in it! must mean he wanted to touch them lick them or whatever is nothing but the arrogance of the sexuals who think sex is like food or water without which one can't exists!

      Well some people can!

      Certainly MJ could exist without it for years,
      and there is no evidence he ever had sexual contact with anyone except Lisa Marie Presley.
      If you believe otherwise please tell me who the hell he had sex with in say 1980, 1981 , 1982 1983 1984 or 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009?

      As naturally shy MJ was and as embarrassed by his skin condition it's quite possible he never had sex with anyone at all.

    4. here's one example of MJ sleeping with kids and certainly not having sex with them:

      Now you want to say if this every same thing happens in a bed not in a car then all of a sudden it becomes sexual?
      How so?

      Those kids are the Cascio kids by they way and you can bet your life they were not harmed in any way, they grew up with MJ and adore him to this day.

  4. Michael Jackson was an American Hamlet. For me, the shock is still there. Such a life, such a tragedy...

    My deepest condolences to every heart that he touched. I pray for his peace.

  5. This is a very insightful and honest perspective - something which is VERY rare when it concerns the late Michael Jackson.

    I can fully believe that "everyone" around MJ took blatant advantage of his kindness and generosity. Even his own FAMILY didn't wait until he was buried to start cashing in on his death.

    No wonder his life was so troubled.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Rest in peace, MJ.

  6. "Perhaps the guilt and shame of his pedophilia ( undeniable since he himself said it was ok to sleep with a child)"

    In what alternate universe does this prove pedophilia??

    I have slept with dozens of children in the past (my own kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, children I have babysat for, etc.) and I am certainly NO pedophile.

    Believe what you want but, if you're going to post this kind of disgusting tripe, at least back it up with something more solid than that.

  7. I am surprised that all those who post here and think that to sleep with a child definately means something sexual. Well, you must be obsessed by sex then. For me to sleep is to sleep and I do not see anything wrong in sleeping with a child. I say : sleeping. And if you know the reason why he (his insurance company) paid the first boy, then you will understand, at least if you are a person with empathy, a reasonable person.
    I would put my head on it he never did anything wrong. Would you do the same for the opposite ???